About Us

PNA Resources is a full-service online digital marketing agency located in Raleigh NC, that serves small and medium-sized businesses. We are a team of digital marketers, search engine specialists, and web developers with specific expertise in digital marketing. We’ve joined forces to create a digital marketing agency that utilizes the Internet’s massive influence for the benefit of our clients.

We create customized campaigns to meet your marketing goals and business requirements. Our experience in Internet marketing combined with our knowledge of the different business industries makes us your perfect marketing partner. We study your brand first before we apply tried-and-tested techniques to your new or existing strategy.

Why Clients Hire Us

  • We are creative and analytical. Internet marketing isn’t just an art, it’s also a science.
  • Marketing is about people, so we study the science behind eliciting an emotive experience.
  • We are adventurous while cautious. There’s no such thing as “just one option” in digital marketing. We’ll help you explore your options and keep you within your business requirements (e.g., target market and budget).
  • Our focus is Clients-First and Clients’ Customers First. You and your clients are our priorities.
  • We create campaigns according to your required specifications and what your target market is looking for.
  • We provide 100% transparency
  • We offer Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reporting

Digital Marketing Is In Our Blood

We believe in the value of Internet marketing. We use our years of experience to help companies build their brands and earn more traffic, sales, and leads. Our team is familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. We continuously update our knowledge to improve our services.

Strategic Partners in Growing Your Business

We make digital marketing work for your business. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, we don’t make excuses. As your strategic partner, we identify weak points, tweak your current strategy, and improve our campaigns. It’s an ongoing process of campaign optimization to get the best results.

You First, Always

You are our priority. So, we strive to understand our clients’ business goals before anything else. We build our strategies around your branding requirements and requests. During the consultation, we’ll take down your business’ information and current marketing status before recommending our services or creating a marketing plan.

Transparent Communication

We maintain transparent lines of communication between us and our clients. When you use our services, you will receive regular updates from members of our team. We keep you up-to-date; if there are any hiccups in your campaign, you’ll be the first to know.